Always Practice Good Form | The Complete Guide to Archery

Image result for practicing good form archery"Archery is a sport and many people love archery as their hobby. No matter which form of archery you are taking, it is important to follow the basics of archery. The form is one of the most important parts of archery. 

You cannot do better in archery if you don’t follow or practice good form in archery. The form is the way you are shooting standing or holding the bow. In this article, I will talk about practicing good form to be good at archery.


Practicing Good Form

Practicing good form is as important as practicing shooting. Here are some ways to practice good form:


Why People Don’t Practice Good FormImage result for practicing good form archery"

You may ask why you would not practice good form. Here are some reasons why:

  1. You may get lazy. And, you don’t need to feel shy in that! Not much shame, anyway or anytime. You may have a long day at work, you want to go to the range and blow off some steam. Have some fun by shooting some arrows. You're not paying attention to your form, and when you do that twice a week for a few years and you may have got some bad habits and some really bad form.
  2. Sometimes you don’t realize that you're using improper form. This is the most common scenario we see and it's related to the first reason. You've either gotten into some bad habits or odd rules that seem to be working for you so you're overlooking them, or your range staff isn't paying enough attention towards you and correcting your form when it's a little off, or you have a lot of lands and you shoot on your own. This is the most common thing that happens.

Whatever the reason, you might have some bad form going on, and I'll talk about to fix these issues.


Bad Form Will Mess You UpImage result for practicing good form archery"

When you will first get started with archery, you will hear the term "archery injury," and you may think---"Dear God! That's awful! How often can that happen?" because in mind, when you hear the term "archery injury," you may think it meant that you will get shot with an arrow. Luckily, that type of archery injury is very rare.

No, the real archery injuries are very common, and can also be really bad. Rotator cuff damage, elbow tendinitis/wrist tendinitis/shoulder tendinitis, and muscle tears are some injuries that an archer can face. The way you can get these injuries is through overuse, or bad form, or a combination of both of them.

Though archery is a low-impact sport, you can get injuries when you're not using the correct form, and some of those injuries can sideline you for some time and you may also face some surgery.


How Do You Learn Proper Form?​Image result for practicing good form archery"

Always try to seek out the advice of people that know more than you. If Olympians need coaches, so why not you! 

You may wonder how to seek out the advice of wise, experienced archers? Your best bet interacts with the staff at your range, make friends with archers who have been around for some time, and if you're really serious about getting good advice and information, find a coach. If you're really in a rush and you need to find a coach RIGHT NOW, you can search on the websites for a professional coach.

You can also look at your online friends. People occasionally ask for form advice in the archery forums. There you may get some excellent feedback---there are some people on that site who really, really know about archery. But there are some people on that site who don't. So be careful of them.

Lastly, you can do what most obsessed archers do: you read a lot.  Blogs, Video libraries can help you and use the best compound bows at beginning. You can visit forums. If someone is giving wrong information, there's usually another user who can set that person in the right direction. Also, you can go old-fashioned, and read actual books. There are some really, really good books out there, that cover a lot of material regarding archery and good forms of archery.



Image result for practicing good form archery"

Carrying a good form is the key to success in all kinds of sports. It is very essential for archery also. But sometimes, we don’t practice good forms in absence of mind. So, it is important to stay alert and aware of your actions. Always practice good habits that bring good form.